Company Unknown Series

Company Unknown


Fight monsters for fun and profit? What could be better?

Mer had born into one of the best monster hunting companies in the known world. He had found lots of friends and made the world a better place along the way. Stab evil thing until it stops moving, gain experience points, collect money, repeat. It was a simple life and he was happy.

But everything changed one day when he walked into the commander’s office. First, she told him he was destined for great things. Then, she told him he wasn’t living up to his potential. A pat on the back later, he was out on the street and looking for new work. Moms could be funny that way sometimes.

With nothing more than a small bag of gold and a “do your best,” she had tasked him with forming a new company, becoming a better person, and not getting horribly murdered along the way. Nothing too grand. Life was going to get a lot more complicated.

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Sun & Shadow Online Series

Team Newb

Cover_Team Newb_Ebook.png

Being Murdered sucks.

Waking up in your least-favorite game afterwards . . .

The game Sun & Shadow Online used to be the epitome of cool thirty years ago—when it introduced the concept of cashing out in-game currency for real world money—but Lucas couldn’t care less. It was all his dad ever talked about. Now it’s the only life he has . . . as long as he doesn’t run out of money, then it’s game over for good.

While trying to figure out how not to lose the last of his limited money by dying yet again, Lucas stumbles across a player who looks rather familiar. Is it the man who murdered him? If it is, how can he make him pay for what he did? And why is he inside the game?

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Expedition Newb

Expedition Newb - ebook.jpg

Clever or Lucky?

Does it really matter if you’re still alive?

Having survived sure death, Horus and his friends barely have time to breathe before they rush off to face the impossible again. It’s for a good cause. Finding really nice guy’s long-missing son is something you kind of have to do right away. It’s just good manners, there’s less guilt, and your mom won’t nag you as much afterwards.

A possibly insane fellow player might know the son’s whereabouts. The only problem is he was last seen heading towards one of the hardest dungeons in the game. The group has to try, but will they survive?

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The Golden Newb

Cover_Team Newb - ebook.jpg

What’s this fun thing all the kids are babbling about?

For the first time since entering this crazy game, Horus is finally free of life-or-death situations, world-shattering consequences, and tiny men with mustaches. He has absolutely no idea what to do with himself. Should he do an ultra-rare quest to make some money? Finally take up a trade skill? Or find out why one of the most popular players in the game is suddenly watching him?

It’s the last one, right? Of course it is . . . Or he could just do all of them at once. Have it all! Money, fame, and a nice, clay ashtray to give to mom.

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